Solidification / Stabilization (S/S) materials

For in-situ and ex-situ treatment of contaminated soil and sediment and aqueous waste


Additives to improve the performance of cement-based mix designs


In situ S/S treatment can be more cost-effective and more protective of human health and the environment than traditional dig-and-haul remedies. In situ S/S treatment minimizes excavation and the associated release of volatiles, eliminating the additional costs of landfill disposal. CETCO provides in-situ treatment additives for cement-based S/S projects.





    At wood preserving sites and manufactured gas plants, CETCO Organoclay® can help bind organic contaminants and allow cement to cure properly. Products provided by CETCO are used to solidify sediment, sludge and aqueous waste streams either in-situ or ex-situ to enable proper disposal.


    Additives to ensure passing disposal criteria

    CETCO also provides ex-situ treatment technologies that can be used alone or as an additive to cement based mixes. These materials are mixed into aqueous waste or contaminated media to meet landfill disposal criteria.


    Typical applications

    • Wood preserving sites
    • Manufactured gas plants
    • Chemical plants
    • Oil sludge lagoons
    • Low level radioactive waste sites
    Featured Products


    QUIK-SOLID® 50
    QUIK-SOLID 50 is a custom blend of granular cross-linked polyacrylate superabsorbent polymer and ORGANOCLAY. This high performing product rapidly absorbs and retains large volumes of aqueous solutions, while also offering a hydrophobic component to adsorb low soluble organic matter. The absorptive properties of QUIK-SOLID 50 are ideally suited for the solidification of wastewater, sediments and semi-solids containing organic laden contaminants.


    QUIK-SOLID Booms are a higher performing alternative to traditional cellulose absorbent products that are utilized for hazardous, non hazardous and low level radioactive waste disposal. QUIK-SOLID superabsorbent media and a cellulose filler material are packaged in a closed nylon sock to ensure maximum polymer retention and absorbency. The sock can be cut to size and placed in drums, boxes intermodal and other transport containers for solidification of aqueous matter and condensation control.


    QUIK-SOLID Mats are a high-performing yet lower cost alternative to other absorbent fabric products that are used in the hazardous waste or nuclear waste disposal industry. QUIK-SOLID Mats are made with polyester fabric layers bonded together with a special polyolefin adhesive. The QUIK-SOLID granular absorbent polymer is embedded between the layers of fabric and the entire laminate structure is made of non-biodegradable materials.